DIY In-N-Out Burger ANIMAL STYLE FRIES | Make it VEGAN Monday | The Edgy Veg

The requests keep coming in and Candice is listening. This Make it Vegan Monday Candice shows you how to make your own …


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  1. Have you been to Burger Lord? It’s an LA based In-N-Out knockoff but it’s way better in my and my boyfriend’s opinion. I’m vegan, he’s not. But they have a non-vegan menu AND a near identical vegan menu that is so good it doesn’t make sense. Milkshakes, fries, cheese fries, animal fries, vegan burgers. So. Good.

  2. I was expecting the breakdown of a vegan recipe lol. This was something I could have made without watching it lol. You seem cool but just by watching this dish, you def can't compare your chanel to "Avant-Garde Vegan". His recipes are just dope and make you want to eat Vegan food.

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