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Christmas is almost here and you’re probably wondering what sort of side dishes you should whip up this year. No Christmas …


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  1. Been craving some stuffing and of all the recipes I've checked out this one looks like a winner! Just so you know, the recipe on your website does not have SAGE in the ingredients list. Cheers!

  2. Love that sense of humor! Have you found any way to make a REALLY flaky pie crust, that does not use lard or hydrogenated fat (i.e., shortening)? That's a tough one, because I've never seen anything yet that matches the traditional lard in making pie crusts really, genuinely flaky. (As a vegetarian, I will never use lard.)

  3. Can you make a dessert pizza? Sweet instead of savory filled with chocolate instead of chocolate and coconut and caramels and marshmallows and yummy things… I'm hungry and will stop typing now lol but I always wanted to make this and I think it would be delicious 🙂

  4. Love it! Not real hard to make, and seems to cook extra fast due to YT magic 😀
    I subscribed and would like to see a Baklava recipe for Christmas.
    If you already have one, maybe just say I do lol and I will go look for it 😉

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