Do BEYOND MEAT Chicken Tenders taste like MEAT?! | Vegan Taste Test

Beyond Meat just launched their chicken tenders into the market, and you know we had to sit down and do a legitimate taste test …


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  1. Beyond now just came out with Nuggets/Popcorn Chicken and it's the best thing ever. Some Fast Food Restaurant really needs to pick these up, they're amazing.

  2. Yam!! Yesterday, the news came out stating that: “Panda Express's Beyond Meat’s orange chicken is so popular that is sold out in all California locations”. Another proof that their product’s taste is improving and developing.

  3. Did you get these at the grocery outlet (or sometimes called almost perfect)? I’ve been trying to find them and haven’t been able to I’m in the GTA so we should have the same stores.

  4. Thanks for the review. Gardein are my favorite. I have tried Like Meat chicken nuggets which taste just as good–not very many come in the bag tho. Nuggs are definitely not worth the hype

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