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  1. To whoever is reading this Jesus loves you and he’s coming soon. All you need to do to be saved is believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins was buried and came back to life on the 3d day. Confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and you’ll be saved! I hope to see you in the clouds! God bless

  2. Finally an episode where they actually try to fool the person. Saw the other ones 1st….and they were trying to make them guess the right person. Its weird

  3. this gives me an idea for me and my mom since we're both chefs. Maybe we can each make something and present it to our family and see if they can guess who made what. We'll make sure we cook something that's from the same cuisine, because my mom's really good at making middle-eastern food, and I'm good at making European/American/Mexican food. So maybe we'll do like a fusion and see if my family can guess right.

  4. Chefs get “tasting spoons” to taste the things they make. In my opinion they deserve endless tasting spoons for making the masterpiece ✨

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