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  1. Uh-uh…cooking with those bacteria laden nails, just gross! If you've ever swabbed someone's long-a$$ nails and looked at it under a microscope, you would NOT eat that.

  2. At the start I thought they are all gonna make the same meal 🤣now its kinda easy when somebody just does their signiture meal and you know they like to cook it often

  3. Girl I am sorry but that's not how you make pasta 😂 it's the last thing you cook and you put it right in your sauce before it gets all congealed. But good try

  4. Tell me again how the pan somehow became creamy? The previous instructions just mentioned to sautée the tomatoes and greens. Then the next shot it automatically became creamy. Also that pan was cold when she added the oil and she dropped the chicken in a cold pan.

  5. How did his wife get the white sauce? She went from garlic, tomatoes, and spinach in the pan to droping the pasta in the creamy sauce. Did I miss something? I did notice she had a container with some white liquid before she started cutting the chicken.

  6. 3:31 'Pronunciation of Greek baked goods' lmao you are not wrong 😂 I have never heard that version of pronouncing spanakopita before… very creative 🤣

  7. What is the rest of the 11:54 chicken pasta recipe?

    We saw ingredients but not the cream

    Pasta was put in after the mixture was made.

    What is the full pasta cream mixture?


  8. For a cook… swasti shouldn't be using those nails.. i'm surprised her mom hasn't given her shizz about that. lol.. you know what i'm talking about my indian peeps!

  9. 1:17 the wife is already messing up. You’re not supposed to get him to guess your dish or else you’re gonna have to clean out the closet or something whatever by yourself you’re supposed to confuse him.😂

  10. They should’ve cooked the same meal because he may know what his wife doesn’t know how to cook . Like if she’s never made spanakopita , then of course he wouldn’t choose that one .

  11. Ah yes… modern cooking. Using gloves for home cooking… doesn't get worse than that. I think it's fine for cooking for mass consumption, but proper home cooking and high-end restaurant cooking needs to be done without gloves.

  12. "look at all the juice on the board, that's how you know you made a good chicken"🤦🏻‍♀️ you're supposed to let it rest a couple minutes before cutting so the juice stays in your meats…

  13. The juices leaking out, doesn't mean the chicken is juicy. I means it didn't rest after cooking, and now all the juices are on the chopping board, instead of in the chicken.

  14. I'm not Greek, but I do make Spanikopita from scratch often enough to watch chef #2 making it so much more complicated than need be. Also.. ricotta?! No. Girlfriend has never made this recipe before, clearly.

  15. Love the concept, but it wasn’t thought through. They should’ve gotten 3 married couples, and two extra chefs. Make them cook the same dish and blindfold the guys. This guy clearly knew which one was his wife by looking at it that he started overpraising it. Such a cuck.

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