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  1. Hi Manjula,
    I love the Dodha burfi recipe I have a question if I don’t have cracked wheat can I use cracked oats and instead of cashews can I use walnuts.
    Please reply.
    Thanks 🙏

  2. Aunti ☺️ thank you for your recipe
    I was looking for this sweet recipe for a long time because I didn't know it's name in Indian
    Im from saudi arabia & these sweets called " Labaniah " for milk burfi
    "Harisa " for your recipe

  3. मैं किसी भी चीज़ के सत्तर वीडियोस देखती हूँ और फाइनली उसको मंजुला आंटीजी के तरीके से ही बनाती हूँ. मेरी कुकिंग केमिस्ट्री सिर्फ मंजुला आंटीजी से मैच करती है! मेरा बेटा कुटकुट हमेशा बोलता है की मम्मी क्यों और वीडियोस देखती हो जबकि फाइनली आपको मंजुला आंटीजी के वीडियोस से ही देखकर बनाना है 😂

  4. Great dish. Just now we did for Diwali and came out very well. Due to anxiety I did all the process one step ahead and let in the freezer. Also I added Elachi powder and safrin. Awesome dish. Thanks for your slow clear demo which makes me to do this. God Bless You with Good health.

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