Dog Friendly Birthday Cake Recipe | Vegan Dog Birthday Cake | Homemade Dog Treats | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make a dog friendly birthday cake! Your furry friend will LOVE this yummy carrot, pumpkin and peanut butter birthday …


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  1. My Boss will be gathering for her dog Remax, Birthday 9 yrs old, will be fun so i just wanna thank you for this video, im her moms Caretaker, and im also will be following ur receipe for her small dog, again Thank you by the way we watch the ur whole video so adorable

  2. You are NOT crazy .. those precious dogs deserve to be celebrated 🙂 they give us soooooo much unconditional love, it’s the least we can do for them …next time don’t invite the ones that gave you weird looks

  3. My pup's estimated 13th birthday is this month. I'm going to do this. Thanks Candice…even though this is an old video…my doggy supposedly has brain cancer. I needed to do this anyway.

  4. My dogs get a stocking during Christmas, dress up for Halloween, get a pup friendly Thanksgiving plate, a toy each and a treat for their birthdays and so my other dogs aren't left out they get a toy that day too, we also get them Easter baskets filled with a toy, treat, and something they need; a new harness or perhaps a newer leash/collar.

  5. It's so beautiful to celebrate your rescues' birthday 🥰🤗 this video makes me so happy!!! A vegan dog birthday party?? Yes please 🤩🥰

  6. Dogs aren’t obligate omnivores, just because dogs can eat greens and etc doesn’t mean they can survive solely on that, and being an omnivore doesn’t mean they can do one or the other, it means they need BOTH meat and plant matter, just saying, canines are naturally carnivores, but are often seen eating plant matter, just like herbivore animals can often be seen eating carcasses of dead animals, doesn’t mean you would feed one only meat.

  7. I have a vegan friend ( I'm not .) Who says this is weird as dogs and Wolfs eat meat. I have to agree she has a dog and unlike her he eats meat but the way he's called buddy. I have a dog called Toby.

  8. Please watch this! A vegan diet may be what’s best for you, but it IS NOT what’s best for your dog. If you stood for fair treatment of animals then you wouldn’t be feeding your dog a vegan diet. The video I linked below explains this. If you don’t like feeding your dog highly processed food you can feed them fresh meat, or you can feed them a pescatarian diet which is similar to a vegetarian diet but does contain fish

  9. We get scrap meat from the butcher's I don't agree with killing animals but I want to give my dog the most natural diet possible and the meat would be thrown away so if an animal had to die it would be used completely so it wouldn't be waisted my dogs now have a beutiful shiny coat and are very healthy.

  10. I think dogs are allergic to almond milk !!! we gave our dog almond milk and she was throwing up everywhere and kept bumping into walls and farting and the almond milk wasn’t rotten

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