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  1. Errr… there's no such thing as "pantry freebies". You payed for those ingredients at some point. Their cost might be negligible in the total dish, but they're not "free" by any defintion of that word.

  2. Those meals look good actually, tasty. A person would need to prep one day ahead of time to save time when you get in from work. But they are all simple enough dishes to cook.

  3. To increase the flavour of a chicken stock without increasing the cost of the groceries he could have added the chicken to an oven to roast it and then when boiling in the pot he could’ve added any carrot skins and leftover pieces from the curry and the onion skin to that stock and simmer it away. As he strained out the bones the onion and the carrot would’ve been straightened out as well.

  4. Olive oil, butter, salt, spices are not free. Also the chicken is priced $1.21. How did you get 4 pieces of thigh for that price? Under budgeted everything

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