Dosa, Popular South Indian Food, Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Somewhere in West Germany I tried today your recipe.
    My family loves it and now I get to double the amount for tomorrow night.
    Thanks so much.
    You explained it very well. Greetings from Germany

  2. Dear Manjula, I loved your personality and your cooking the moment I saw my first Manjula's Kitchen video a few years ago. Your videos are not only informative but a pleasure to watch too. Thank you!

  3. Hi Manjula. I have been learning from you for many years, but I'm not trying dosa for the first time . I got started already, and I realize I do not have fenugreek seeds. I have fenugreek powder. Will that work as a substitute? Something else? Also, I have started soaking the washed rice and dal. Can I let them soak for more than the 6 hours (maybe overnight)? By that time, I will have fenugreek seeds delivered, and I can add them and soak some more. I cannot believe I got started without realizing this. I very much appreciate any help. Thank you in advance

  4. Hello Manjula, My dosas were bit thick and soft like pancakes, because while spreading spiral wise the batter start sticking to the spatula. After fermentation I added little water to the batter to make the batter bit thin. Although I used non-stick Tava, so I have no clue what mistake I made. Can you please guide me. Thanks!

  5. How do I know my Dosa batter has fermented properly? My batter looks foamy and creamy but While cooking Dosa i can't see tiny holes and it getting sticky to pan….I am confused whether its over fermented or under fermented??

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