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  1. I came here for Shukogeki Food War Japanese anime series💓 he explained about whats the use of artichokes 💓 once you ate it, the tastiness will remain in your tongue. and if you eat another dish , you cant determine whether salty, dull, sour cuz the taste is sweet! 💓💓💓 i learned from it. 💓

  2. people who throw the stem away… don't deserve to eat artichokes. peel the stem prior to cooking. its the same flavour and consistency as the heart. this video is blasphemy.

  3. what was the point of putting the cheese on? I can see the flavor of the seasonings seeping in but the cheese was a waste….

  4. Sorry i never eaten one, 😳 but that cheese and everything that they put in the artichoke ,why the do that?? if you are supposed to eat only the little thing that is in the middle.🤔❓❔

  5. Anyone wondering, you eat the leaves too not just the middle, you just use your teeth to get the "meat" off of the leaves!

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