Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe

I didn’t grow up eating beef stroganoff, and in fact the only experience I had with it was when I ate over a childhood friend’s house. It was the grossest thing I had …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I’ll try to make this at least once & just suffer the consequences of my dairy intolerance because it looks worth it. It’s just a pity that most recipes call for butter as nothing else will make that meal as tasty. Ghee is also not an option .

  2. Another great recipe! This was so good, I made it twice this week. This is so delicious! I love the ground mustard. Do you have any suggestions where I can use ground mustard in another dish? So far I have made your Beef Wellington and now this and I can't wait to try another recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Okay, so I just watched a whole bunch of these recipes, but this is it, this is the one I'm going by. It seems to be the closest to the perfect classic recipe for this dish. Thanks for going over the specifics of each step. I'm a new cook and quite visual in my learning and it helps to see what you mean. Cool, I will try this tonight!

  4. Dude stop it. After the focaccia, this is the second most requested meal in my house. Hint for others: on the side,
    add some fried asparagus in butter and some shimeji mushrooms also fried fast in butter.

  5. Outstanding!
    I’m asked to make this over & over throughout the year. When serving this for a Sunday dinner what other dishes would you serve with? Salad, soup, sides & dessert?

  6. One question about slicing the beef – it looks like some pieces may be longer than others, since the steak isn't a perfect rectangle. Do you then cut the longer pieces in half to make all the cuts even, or does it matter? Looks great though!

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