Easy Blackened Salmon Recipe » With Homemade Blackened Seasoning

You will absolutely love this incredibly easy-to-make and full-flavored zesty blackened salmon recipe with lemon butter sauce.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I just found your channel. This recipe looks incredible. I’m a novice cook as in I’m clueless in the kitchen. Can I use swordfish instead of salmon for this recipe?

    Also, I don’t drink alcohol. I know when one’s cooks it burns off the alcohol but we just don’t buy wine or keep it in the house.

    Is there anything I can substitute for wine when cooking?

    Sincere thanks for sharing your chef insight!

  2. Made this for my wife last night. She loves salmon but has never had blackened salmon. It was so easy and she said it was the best salmon she's ever had. She insisted I make her another one which was my pleasure.

  3. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. It was soooooo good!! In my opinion there's no need for the lemon butter sauce especially if you're pressed for time (as I was when I was preparing the salmon). Thank you also for your excellent presentation.

  4. I love kicking up the heat on my blackened seasoning and then serving it with Alfredo (especially with blackened chicken). It soothes the heat and it’s a great combo.

  5. where did you find the garlic press? The one i have is an old painted one with the paint peeling off and sometimes the chips of the paint gets in my pressed garlic I'm looking for a stainless steel one.

  6. This is my go to recipe; sometimes I make it quickly before my night shift at the hospital. It is the best, thanks for teachings an ol girl like me to blacken fish and make the seasonings

  7. " Chef Paul Prudhomme made up blackened fish, dredging a fish fillet in a spice blend and cooking it in a very hot cast iron skillet. And then, there was the blackening. It was not from the canon of Cajun cooking, but a technique Chef Paul made up. " Posted Oct 9, 2015 from Wikipedia. I'm from New Orleans, and I just wanted to correct that. It did not come from Cajun cooking … It was Chef Paul Prudhomme's Original creation, but Obviously influenced by Cajun cuisine, Cher'! Just FYI. 😊

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