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  1. I really want to make this recipe but I cant tell if you did or didn't list all ingredients. For example, I didnt know if those long white stripes were onions or strips of Parma cheese, etc. (Or something else???l I know the whole point is to go really really fast, and I'm aware I can slow it down to "Snoopy's teacher speed" (Ask someone who was a teen in the 80's – they will tell you… heehee,") but on the video regarding the banana cream pie, I KNEW those were bananas, with this video, there were so many multiple ingredients, and some I just cant identify. And it just goes by so super fast… going into the bowl… so, I'm not sure if ingredients were all listed even. I realize everyone has different objectives when making these videos (besides simply sharing recipes) & in how they create them. In fact, I like that yours are short & to the point. Unfortunately, for me, I am disabled with heart issues and trying to eat healthier, (yep, that's why banana cream pie…I NEED bananas right? 😊, SLOWLY, but surely, haha.) My illness is really taking a toll on me.) Great recipes though and I thank you, you are amazing. Perhaps it's just harder for me since I'm always so sleepy due to my heart having to work so hard just to keep me alive. So maybe I looked away real quick or fell asleep and missed part of the list? I know it is my fault somewhere. I watched this video 3x and it doesnt seem that you list every ingredient or if you did, I kept missing it? So can you help me? Where am I missing it? I'd really like to use your recipes. They are great. Its 9:56 am and I think I better take a nap. Ugh. I'm sorry. I will look again through this video when I wake up later. Its 2/15/20.. I have a sleep disorder and so I wake up every 20 min at night (in addition to heart issues, and other medical issues) so I'm always so sleepy. So maybe I just missed something? I love this idea. Thank you so very much for sharing your recipes. If you can reply and say what is in this recipe, that would be great or tell me minute of the video as to whether those are onions or cheese and those following ingredients that we not listed at top of page, etc. etc. Sorry to be a pain to you. Thank you again. It looks delicious. Yum yum. 😊😋🕊🐿🦉🐧 I hope I dont eat like a big 🐖!!! Haha.

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