Easy French Gougéres Recipe

These delicious, cheese-filled puffed Gougéres are a French delight and so incredibly easy to make. They are perfect as a snack …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Wow….I'm so happy I found your channel. I've wanted to make these for a long time but assumed they were difficult. You have made this so easy to follow and I love you explanations. I learned so much from you in this short video. I had no idea this was the same recipe one would use for churros. I've made churros several times and never knew it was essentially the same dough. You are amazing! I've liked and subscribed to your channel. Now I'm going to binge watch your videos today

  2. This dough ended up so wet, I really wouldn’t recommend this recipe. And I say that as someone who’s never commented on a video before, that’s how strongly I feel about it – heed my warning 😂

  3. Wanted to make some cucumber 🥒 sandwiches 🥪 for picnic but now I changed my mind after watching this recipe thank you just one question is one stick of butter 125g ???

  4. Good evening! I did half amount. (40 is too many for us) The dough was very runny so I had to add 4 spoons of flour after the cheese. Is that normal? Did this happen because I did half quantity? They smell delicious, but they look more like disks. Still in the oven.

  5. Great recipe! Very informative. Love how you teach a fundamental technique like making a choux dough alongside the recipe. This is surprisingly simple; I have all the ingredients at home already! I just have a little question: if I don’t have any type of piping bag, can I use a Ziplock bag with a hole cut out at the corner? Thanks again for blessing us with these AMAZING recipes and high quality videos!!!!

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