Easy French Gougéres Recipe

These delicious, cheese-filled puffed Gougéres are a French delight and so incredibly easy to make. They are perfect as a snack or alongside a main meal.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. This dough ended up so wet, I really wouldn’t recommend this recipe. And I say that as someone who’s never commented on a video before, that’s how strongly I feel about it – heed my warning 😂

  2. Wanted to make some cucumber 🥒 sandwiches 🥪 for picnic but now I changed my mind after watching this recipe thank you just one question is one stick of butter 125g ???

  3. Good evening! I did half amount. (40 is too many for us) The dough was very runny so I had to add 4 spoons of flour after the cheese. Is that normal? Did this happen because I did half quantity? They smell delicious, but they look more like disks. Still in the oven.

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