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  1. Is it just me or does broccoli in fried rice seem… weird? Like, it's such huge chunks juxtaposed to small/finely diced vegetables that it'd bother me (the size of the meat and vegetables should be uniform imo). Lack of egg aside, it's really off-putting for me.

  2. How big is the serving? I multiplied 680g of sodium with a low sodium soy sauce (Wan Ja Shan) to 3 and got 2040g overall with the 3 tablespoons then divided it by 4, the whole servings and got 510g of sodium with the servings, but what is the serving size of the meal ? It looks a bit more than 4 cups (my estimation)…any ideas? I just want to know the sodium in each prepared serving please.

  3. I just made this recipe today. It was very good and my whole family loved it! If I were to make any suggestions, they would be:
    Add 3 cups of cooked rice (intead of two)
    and Add 2 eggs, if you wanted egg.
    Other than that, it was amazing!

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