Easy Homemade Churros Recipe

You will absolutely love this easy homemade churros recipe, because they come together in under 30 minutes and they’re absolutely delicious. These are …


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  1. In Argentina we eat them with creme patisserie, dulce de leche (caramel) or chocolate inside. They are so yummy. I'll try this recipe now bc I like them slightly crunchy and these look really good.

  2. Comie reporting , tried them they were amazing. Wasn't sure when to get them out so one batch was with a bit overcooked crust and the other was just perfect. Sadly, didn't have all the ingredients for the sauce but churros were still gone quickly.👌😊😋

  3. Ooooo can’t wait to make these. I totally trust your cooking as I’ve watched sooooo many videos. Everything you make looks so good. Thank you for sharing and caring.

  4. I didn't see. But do you turn off the heat after you added the flour? And what about the eggs? What's the trick to make sure they don't turn scrambled eggs if they're added to the hot mixture?

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