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  1. I watched this video after watching the video from their tasty 101 series and I think it just shows how much tasty has improved. The tasty 101 series pays so much detail yo the gnocchi and so different from this recipe.

  2. I made this with a 1/3 less flour and they came out beautifully. For such quick instruction, it is one of the best and most concise I've found on YouTube for making gnocchi. Thanks!

  3. I just made this recipe. I made a couple of changes – I used a ricer because my grandmothers and Mother always did. I used my thumb to make little indentations in the little pillows just like they used to. But other than that, I used this recipe for the gnocchi. I made fresh pesto this morning from my homegrown basil for the sauce. I made the gnocchi to give to my daughter so she won’t have to cook on Tuesday. Monday is her birthday. I had to try it first. It is fabulous! I am particular about my gnocchi too. I like it very light and fluffy and this was! My family found a way to cut the prep time for gnocchi by using potato flakes. It honestly tastes very good too but this is amazing! I am experimenting with freezing part of it. Not going to lie, it took a bit of work to make but lots of time these days due to lockdown. Thank you!

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