Easy Homemade Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Bring your favorite Japanese take-out to your own kitchen with this delicious easy to make homemade teriyaki chicken recipe.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Thank you Chef Billy! This technique made the biggest difference. Finally no more dried chicken. Hubby was very satisfied(even had seconds) and my daughter gave me a compliment🙏

  2. Here in the Seattle area, Teriyaki is as common as pizza in NYC. And it's rare to see it ever not grilled. This is a nice recipe, but do yourself a favor and toss it under the broiler for 30-50 seconds before serving to char up the edges so it's not so mushy.

  3. I just came across your channel (and subscribed :)) but I wish the ingredient list was more thorough. I went and got the ingredients to cook this recipe, only to realize I was missing some of them when I started to cook. insert sad face

  4. I just did it this last weekend and it was amazing. I did the steak version. As for the rice I don’t usually rinse it, I like to fry off the starch with a tablespoon of olive oil and it comes of just fine!

  5. Thank you. I just made this, Added garlic and ginger to the teriyaki sauce and also added bell peppers , onions and broccoli. This is a flavourful and tasty meal.

  6. The ingredients in the video don’t match what is written/listed below. It would be helpful if they matched!
    For example – your teriyaki sauce recipe isn’t written out at all. Additionally, you added garlic to the chicken bowl but garlic wasn’t listed. Thanks! Looks delicious and will try it out soon.

  7. Hi, thanks for the video!
    I recently saw a video where they reduced the teryaki sauce first.
    Now it almost looks like you are cooking the chicken in the sauce. Is there an advantage for the one strategy over the other?

  8. Niiice. Could you please go over prepping this commercial wise though? Would Teriyaki sauce be ok at room temperature for how many hours, etc.?.

  9. I must’ve had some really bad teriyaki when I was a kid because I haven’t liked it ever since. Your recipe sounds so good that it makes me want to do it and see what it taste like again because every ingredient you put in I know I like.
    I’m glad to see that you save the bones and the skinTo make broth!!!! We were very poor when I was growing up, and my mother taught me never ever to waste anything.
    I do have a question About your cutting board. I also have a John Boos cutting board. Everyone has yelled at me for cutting ANY meat on it. How do you clean your board?
    I love your videos 🤩🥳

  10. Great recipe as always!
    Also as much as it pains me, congrats to your Cardinal’s on getting into the MLB playoffs. My Cubbies will suck for a few years but then again I’m used to it😡
    Represent the central with distinction.

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