Easy Kung Pao Chicken at Home

This delicious Kung Pao Chicken recipe with stir-fried chicken in a spicy sour-sweet sauce with chiles and peanuts is better than …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hey Billy, you forgot to add an extremely judicious amount of fermented prawn paste to the marinade.
    The chillies you used were just fragrant red chillies. The Szechuan pepper can also be called prickly ash, and it's what gives the dish its characteristic numbing lemony flavour. Hope this helps.a lot of restaurants are extending the sauce with sweetchilli sauce, I noticed.

  2. Funny story, years ago, i went to a fancy Chinese restaurant outside NYC that was written up by a NYT food critic. They employed chefs from the szechuan province, so of course I ordered the Kung Pao chicken. Like a noob, I chomped down on one of those dried red peppers! I called the waiter over (as I was dying) and asked what they were. He laughed and said "You no eat those!"

  3. Toasting peanuts is a balancing act: when perfectly done, there's so much flavor; but 15 seconds too long, and they get black spots and taste terrible!
    … It should be an Olympic sport 🏋🏻⛷
    Peanut toasting is the kitchen skill I'm most proud of.

  4. Hey Billy! I want to substitute tofu for the chicken to make Kung Pao Tofu (obviously). What would you do differently in this recipe to accommodate the softness of the tofu?

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