Easy Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini Recipe

This incredibly easy-to-make full-flavored turkey tetrazzini recipe is the perfect meal to serve up to your family and friends after the …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I had the best “happy accident” a few years ago while making pasta. I mistakenly dumped about three tablespoons of fresh ground black pepper (thinking it was my salt bowl) into the pasta water. I still added the salt & just kept going. It turned out to be awesome. Now I make pasta that way always (except 2 tbs of pepper). I call it muddy sea water. 🥘♥️

  2. This is one of my favorite dishes. Always used noodles, but pasta might hold up and work better. I make a roux for Alfredo sauce adding FF half & half, keeping the calories down. I can do the same here. Anticipating left over Turkey after Thanksgiving. Thanks for a great recipe and video!

  3. Are you open for suggestions? Add diced celery hearts w/the onions. sherry goes in w/the mushrooms(will absorb.) add flour, reduce stock to 2 c, add 1c white wine. add sprinkle of Bell seasoning and 1t of Tarragon before the stock. make bread crumbs out of 3 slices of sourdough bread, toss w/1/4 c melted butter, mix with 1c parmesan. cook in oven 15 min. Broil 3 min to toast topping. Just made this last night.

  4. I like this I’m gonna try to make this next year but with my own twist on it. You have to stop calling it noodles though You’re supposed to be Italian pasta is OK macaroni is OK Stop with the noodles it’s not Chinese food . Cmon man – You drive me crazy when you say noodles

  5. Great job with clear instructions and engaging presentation. I made this tonight. Taste was really good, but overall too dry. Wondering if I could broil for shorter time to brown the top and without drying out?

  6. It's in the oven now, and my mouth is watering. But I have an equipment question. What garlic press do you use? Minecraft is next to useless and I end up mincing with a knife anyway.

  7. Looks luscious!
    I’ve been wanting to ask you about your Rondeau pot. How is it different than using a Dutch oven type pot? The Dutch oven is probably deeper. Does it matter?
    Congratulations on your new studio. It looks great and I’ve been learning a lot from you for a few years now.
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  8. Ok, let me just say bravo!!! I added buttered bread crumbs with the parmesan cheese (how bad could that be right) this was so good. SO GOOD!! Best tetrazzini I have ever had. Well done Chef!

  9. Hi Chef Billy
    Another amazing recipe can't wait to make this!!
    Loved chatting with you live on
    Thank you so much for all your amazing secrets and techniques 🙏❤️🥰

  10. Loved your live on Wednesday, and THIS looks amazing! Chef, my only issue is always gravy/roux/thick sauces. Yesterday, same as always: made the roux, added drippings and stock, stir, stir, stir, and 30 minutes later, not thick! Ratios are always right, but yesterday I even tried adding a slurry, and still, watery gravy! I'm wondering if maybe nonstick pans are doing something 🤔

  11. We had about half of the people that were supposed to come to Thanksgiving dinner bail on the meal this year, so I have a metric butt-load of turkey leftover. Certainly gonna give this a try.

    Btw, Chef, do you by chance have a Kentucky burgoo recipe? I'm from the Bluegrass State and just wondered if you'd ever taken a stab at our "roadkill soup".

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