Easy Mongolian Beef Recipe

This delicious easy to make Mongolian beef recipe comes together in just over 30 minutes and is served up over a bed of rice.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Love your channel and content. I wanted to suggest maybe putting the ingredient list with the measurements in the comments section. Just makes it easy to compile a grocery list to recreate your dishes. Thanks man.

  2. In my country we have different types of rices so it depends on what we want for us to buy an specific kind of rice.

  3. FWIW in our household, in order to get light, individual grains (as opposed to sticky rice), we tend to wash rice by placing it in a sieve, which we then place in a bowl, fill with warm water, and alternate between fingers and heel of palm to wash it for about thirty seconds. Drain water, and repeat process until the water doesn't go white any more.

    Nothing wrong with sticky rice, though. Best way to get that's to leave the pan lid on.

  4. Great recipe! Definitely gonna give this a try when the butcher has some good sales going on. I’m totally in the same category as you, chef! I love the flavors of spicy food, but my heat tolerance is pretty dang low!

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