Easy Pasta Primavera Recipe

Pasta primavera is a delicious entrée loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables that are tossed with noodles and finished off with …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Two things. First, use spring vegetables. I don't know where this guy lives but we don't have tomatoes or fava beans in the spring. This feels more summery to me. Second, never mix chicken breast into your pasta. My Italian girlfriend says chicken breast never goes into pasta. Color and texture is too similar.

  2. Going to do this for my toddler, but fine grate or blend everything because she won’t eat vegetables unless they are hidden. Need them to smoosh and disintegrate as a sort of paste clinging to the pasta.

  3. Thank you for all your great recipes. Making leg of lamb for Easter, using your recipe! Have made your blackened recipe four time already and blue cheese salad dressing and yes , you could eat it with a spoon! The ranch dressing is great too! 👍😁

  4. Thank you soo much for your recipe. I made it for lunch today for my girlfriend & I. My girlfriend said it was the best pasta dish I ever made! I used your same ingredients but I tweaked them a little for our liking and I also added homemade chicken cutlets. I plan on watching more of your videos and learning more. Thank you again!

  5. i am probably one of the worst cooks in the world but i made this tonight. can confirm it was both DELICIOUS and EASY!!! thanks for the recipe, will make again xx

  6. Chef BP I and my wife looked at this Primavera dish and we are making it tonight for dinner. Can't wait to let you know how it comes out! Oh one more thing, what does comies mean?

  7. ✨I miss my kitchen. I have a fully
    equipped kitchen with cooking
    utensils I picked up on my travels
    throughout Europe over thirty years.
    I love cooking, both my parents were
    gourmets. My mother Italian, my father Serb/Croat, Welsh, German.

    Both parents worked, so we girls
    were cared for by a Hungarian
    couple whom were shot at by
    Communist Russians as they
    barely escaped Hungary during
    the rebellion in the 50’s.

    Victor and Elizabeth Tôgia, they
    were the best. They made the most
    fantastic food. Nearly everything
    had sour cream in, on, or next to
    it. Death by sour cream, heaven.
    Thank goodness we were very
    young, we could metabolize all

    They set up ten gallon pickling
    crocks twice a year. Handmade
    sausages, I would watch Victor
    prepare the loads of meat for
    the grinder. All the spices for
    sweet, or hot and spicy Hungarian

    Elizabeth would cook whilst their
    wards were sleeping. I never slept,
    how could I with such beautiful
    magic going on in the kitchen.
    The smells alone were enough
    keeping me from sleep. Plus,
    when they spoke with each other
    it was always in their native tongue,
    which fascinated me.

    This primavera looks like what
    I made twice a week, it’s how
    Italians clean out the veggies
    in the fridge. Looks yummy.✨🍽✨

  8. Look so amazing! Wish I had the energy to make it. Went to the doctors the other day. Not good news…VIRAL PNEUMONIA!!!! I am officially off work for another 2 weeks. 😷🤧😪 Losing the battle….emotionally, physically and financially. 😪😪😪

  9. Everything looks good except those fava beans which I put in the same category as peas & lima beans, God didn’t create them because they taste too nasty! 😀

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