Easy Vegan Gluten Free Dinner: Thai Noodle Bowl Recipe Collab w/ Hot For Food | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make a healthy, nutritious, gourmet dinner in under 15 mins with this Thai Noodle recipe. This easy vegan dinner …


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  1. The amount of garlic powder she put in that sauce is the reason I don't trust vegan recipes. There is a 100% chance that sauce tastes like barf. And it would've taken 3 minutes to saute some real garlic.

  2. Yikes. Is your tamari gluten-free? Is your bullion cube gluten-free? Is it a vegan bullion cube? Does it have MSG or a natural occurring substitute (such as yeast extract) in it? Soba noodles often contain wheat. What brand are you using that's gluten-free? Please show us the brands that you are using because if people just go buy these ingredients anywhere, they're likely to get gluten and/or meat in their meal.

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