I love vegan bento boxes for back-to-school and back-to-work lunch ideas. Today, I’m giving you 2 easy vegan bento box ideas for …


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  1. Love the idea but not great when you have to heat up your rice and there’s fruit and cucumbers in the same container…they need to come up with bento boxes with removable compartments!!!!

  2. i just doesn't get why you have to make these videos look that clean that you're pooring every sauce and garlic from a mini cup into another bigger bowl.. like yeah i get it that it doesn't waste any plastic or something and it looks good when you are not pooring soy sauce from the bottle where it comes, but still the amount of water you are wasting when you clean those dishes is huge. so i would be aware of the waste of water too..
    still love your channel and what you are doing to make this place better for everyone!

  3. Since I don't meal prep, I don't really do bento boxes but I love the ideas for meals for my mom and me. I also, work from home – sooooo…
    BTW! I love how you ended this video!

  4. I do chickpea salad sandwiches, pasta with lentils, salad, eggplant basil sandwiches, stirfry (tho it leaks a bit!, Japanese style sweet potatoes, miso soup in a separate bowl, lemon orzo, tiny tofu frittatas, chick patties on rice with vegan ver of Japanese sauce, meat balls with rolls and vegan cheese…

  5. Bento boxes, albeit cute, are super inconvenient. You have to remove your cold component to heat up your warm component. Or do you take our our warm component and put it somewhere else to heat?! I physically cannot eat cold food that’s meant to be warm lol

  6. When i was working I had a nice Bento Box set from Japan, that made "packed lunch" really pleasurable and fun. Don't know what happened to them, but I'd like to find another set for meal prepping and to store little odds&ends…I like the ones you use here. I just like all of these ideas for lunches, and I'm retired!

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