Today’s video is all about vegan meal prep and making sure your packing healthy lunches and making easy healthy dinners!


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  1. Found you today. I like this video very much because going vegan always goes wrong wen I get home from work tired and I also don't like to take a lot of time making breakfast! And oatmeals all the time are getting boring.
    The other struggle is to un-soy the recipes. Your delicious sausage is probably soy-based 😟 but I keep looking for non-soy proteins and experiment on no-soy marinade.

  2. Ditto… I just found your channel and fell in love with it. I am transitioning to Vegan starting March. Can you please tell me about the sausage that is mentioned in the video? Can I purchase it here in the states? Cannot wait to see all of the recipes from the book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My girl friend bought your book and I just love it. I've made the cheese sauce. OMG my mac n cheese are awesome. She loves it too. Thank you you are so delightful to see. Keep it up.

  4. I️m not vegan or vegetarian but I️ am trying to change my eating habits…less meat more plants. It’s easy to say but hard to follow through….exspecially if food is not prepped, thanks for your videos

  5. I tried veganism for 5 months and found out it did not work for me at all. I'm 21 and weigh a steady 115lbs no matter how much I eat. When I did those 5 months I literaly dropped to 90pounds. I was sick the energy gain was very minimal. I used to naturaly have loads of energy. I'm a chef so I tried to make tasty recipes looked up many things. And tried my best I dident sit and try and make salads and a ton of lame stuff XD no ma'am. But it did not work so I stopped. But while I do eat meat I never stoped enjoying amazing vegan dishes. Thanks to this channel and my knowledge as a chef who eats meat I want to master vegan food to where meat eaters would love to eat these dishes just because they love them. I've changed my out look in alot of things I grow my own veggies and try to avoid the store baught stuff if I can make it my self and i try to stay as natural a possible with what ever i buy be it meat milk etc.now I'm still eating and enjoying meat but I'm also eating and enjoying vegan meals at equal value.for meal a omnivore like life style worked for me I'm at a healthy weight I have loads of energy much to the shock of a lot of vegan friends xD. Your vids have been a great help on my journey to make vegan foods that are just as amazing as non vegan If i can make people love vegan foods just because they taste awesome I know I've done my job look and maybe that's why this omni life style works for me. Everybody is different and every Body is different. I look forward to more amazing badass recipes

  6. I've been following for a while and I missed your guys videos! I'm so happy for you guys on your cookbook! I preordered as soon as I could. I'm soooooo looking forward to checking out the recipes! 😍

  7. First of all I LOVE Field Roast ! I did a taste test post and can't get enough of their stuff. Second, I will can't wait to try the recipes from this post!!!! Third, I am a lot like you can eat the same stuff a few days or even weeks in a row!!!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration…my fave quick meals are curried chickpea quinoa bowls and toast with cashew butter, vegan cream cheese, blueberry jam, kiwi slices and cinnamon. Yumza! 🙂

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