EASY Vegan Meals Under 30 MINUTES

Welcome back to my channel everyone! In today’s video we’re whipping up some quick and easy recipes that will take you 30 …


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  1. Your mushroom pasta is a revelation! Creamy mushroom pasta has been a staple of mine since I first went vegan, and I've always used soy cream, but recently in the UK food prices have soared and soy cream isn't as affordable as it used to be (85p to £1.20 for 250g)
    Soy milk and flour are cheap and always in my pantry, so this dish will be made much more now!

  2. I usually use unsweetened almond milk. I should know better but didn't realize soy milk is sweetened, and that i would need unsweetened. Ugh. I think i kind of ruined it. Thankfully I love cooked mushrooms. Could be worse I guess? Also, forgot fresh parsley is way too overpowering for me. Otherwise, good stuff.

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  5. Must be nice to know what the ocean tastes like??? Not everyone lives near an ocean. Almost sounds like a privileged statement to me. Great dishes though. Wish I wasn’t allergic to soy. Love that these are easy and take 30 minutes or less.

  6. I wonder, how would you change this to make them for just single serving for 1 person if maybe a couple servings tops (1 person but a day or two or leftovers). I worry making all of the gnocchi soup at once would just be kind of wasteful for 1 person 😅

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