EASY VEGAN ONE-PAN MEALS (Buddha Bowl + Bang Bang Cauliflower Recipes)

I have two easy vegan meals for you! These recipes are all made on one sheet pan in the oven. So, whether its a busy school …


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  1. be confident in what your doing and in your receipts and folks will adjust to their test as they desire. I really feel you do not need to reassure every 2 seconds about how your recipe is not for everyone. You receipts are GREAT. Stand by them with confidence <3

  2. These recipes are awesome!! The camera work made it hard to watch though :/ it seemed like the camera never stopped moving. Very hard to focus on and made me feel motion sick. I hope this improves, I love your videos and look forward to them every week!

  3. I loathe cauliflower but have just been given some from a friend's garden so need ideas on how to make it taste less cauliflower like. Will definitely be trying this 🙂

  4. Great dress! Bangs are flipping in a flattering Farrah way! Recipes: Tasty, healthy, easy to just chuck in the oven. As Fall approaches, and people get busier, simple but flavorful recipes are so appreciated. TFP : )

  5. Oh this recipes are soooo nice everything looks just delicious 😋 🤗 vegan recipes are really good for everyone I mean I shared a vegan recipe too 🙈🙈 love it thank u a lot ❣️❣️❣️

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