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In today’s video I make an easy VEGAN PATE at home using simple ingredients. It’s perfect as a dip on a charcuterie board or as a …


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  1. I can't use onions or sundried tomatoes because of chronic acid reflux. I was thinking of using leeks instead of onions, any ideas for replacing the sundried tomatoes? Apple cider vinegar shouldn't be used on it's own if you have acid reflux, but it's ok if it's balanced out with enough nuts, I'll probably switch to walnuts as well.

  2. I love this recipe. I have been making something similar for a very long time but instead of Vegemite and nutritional yeast I use Brewer's yeast, which gives it a really wonderful flavour. Oh, and a bit of brandy.

  3. I use 1 can red beans and sweated onions and mix it with a block of smoked tofu salt peper majoran paprika and then i mix in some sunflowerkernels

  4. The set and the visual quality is fantastic. Very shiny and fancy. Bonus that this absolutely astoundingly talented and creative person is equally hilarious. I wonder if she’s ever thought of doing martial arts or boxing for her work out routine to vent the frustrations of a demanding lifestyle.

  5. The recipe is great and you are entertaining, as always.
    I live in Hungary, and never heard of Vegemite. What can I use instead and what is it supposé to be? Thanks.
    My family buys pates from the grocery, and one is worse than the other. I am sure this will be well received. Very grateful to you!

  6. Why the fuck would u want vegan dog food….. Beyond meat is basically that…. I'm vegan and think this is disgusting y'all tryna replicate disgusting shit instead of actually practicing veganism…

  7. Yum! Looks great. I'll give it a try! My go-to for several years has been the Kale Sandwich Show pate recipe from YouTube. I wish they hadn't just vanished – I loved them.

  8. Fun fact! This doesn't change a single thing about your delicious pate but crimini are just baby portobellos! So it makes sense that they would have similar yet less developed flavor profile and hooray for being less expensive!

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