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There is nothing better than cozying up with a big bowl of this Vegetable Soup as it’s much tastier than soup from a can without …


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  1. Add chunks of cabbage, maybe turnip root or rutabaga. Brown small chunks of chuck or “stew meat” with the aromatics. Add BARLEY! Yum! Add couple of dashes of Lea & Perrins. You can replace can tomatoes with healthy V-8 juice — big tall can. Back in the day, there was alphabet macaroni to add to veg soup.😊

  2. Don't you wash your onions, garlic, potatoes, etc, before chopping them. FYI, shoppers stick their fingers in their noses while checking vegetable. I ALWAYS WASH MY PEELED ONIONS AND GARLIC before chopping them.

  3. I made some veggie soup a couple of weekends ago. I didn't think about barley until a couple days later. I didn't sauté anything at the beginning (didn't think about it) probably because I didn't recall my mom doing that when she cooked veggie soup when I was growing up. I used basil, thyme, and rosemary from my garden. Didn't think about bay leaf, but I did use Worcestershire sauce which I noticed you didn't . I also had turnips and cabbage in my soup. I was going to use some rutabaga, but the ones at the store were all really large and I didn't want to use that much nor did I want to use just some of it and throw the rest away. It was my first time making it and I didn't go by a specific recipe, but instead looked at a few and then did my own thing based off of what I had read. Came out pretty good if I may say so myself.

  4. Hi John. You probably do not go back to comments from a video you have done a year ago. I am from Australia 🇦🇺 and hubby asked me to find recipes for his meals. Yes I am a cook since age 12. Though by the age of 18 I found out I had allergies. My food is extremely limited and I make awesome meals but now in retirement hubby sees me in the kitchen just not the end result he would always eat with a clean plate given back plus the biggest smile of thanks enough for a wife to know that was wonderful meal. But now as he knows how restricted my food intake is he longs for more variety. So I have just spent over an hour watching plus going through all your folks comments gleaming ideas as one wrong add in my cooking is life threatening. So thanks for your video today with heat of 28 degrees Celsius in Australia looking at your cooking video for a lovely evening meal. Tomatoes 🍅 are delicious but only 1 of my allergies plus I am gluten free due to wheat allergy so I think or hope you and others understand how much hard it is to cook and enjoy food that you love but cannot have. I appreciated your video so much that it has not discouraged my trying it for hubby and trying substitute for me in another pot. Thank you today 30th September 2023. A “mate” as we say from Australia 🇦🇺 thanks again Louise. Yes I too pressed that right buttons as I call them to get more of your recipes.

  5. What can a person who is allergic to tomatoes to get any type of tomato base? Red Bellpepper? and how 🙁 Ugh…..sadness lol So many amazing foods eliminated by being able to eat tomatoes……

  6. I've made this soup following his recipe! I did tweak a bit since I didn't have some stuff but it still worked out. Flawless directions and advisory, and improv. Potatoes, carrots, I made two pots worth, one diced tomatoes and one hand-crushed whole peeled tomatoes (2nd one is better if you don't like the dice tomato texture). Peas, fresh green beans, corn, onions and garlic. Lots of fresh parsley was great. I used ground sage, and dried basil instead of fresh thyme, plenty of salt, black pepper, sugar to taste and balance out flavors, i added chicken buillion powder for that UNF/richness. I used chicken broth instead of vegetable since I like chicken broth. and it was missing something so i added some chili flakes to spice it up and it was delicious. My family loved it, adding some cheese really rounds out the flavors. Thank you so much for sharing, been wanting to make this forever. I made so much! I have to share some with the neighbors.

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