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  1. Making this tonight. Got all the ingredients and now I'm just rewatching and learning the steps.
    Red potatoes, mushrooms, brocolli (I don't like asparagus), dill, 3 pieces of salmon, in total $35. But for 3 people. Very cheap and delicious. Thanks Tasty. 😊😆

  2. This is the best and most original idea of tasty yet! Way better than ramen carbonara or won-ton ravioli and I really hope this becomes a series with a lot of other dishes.

  3. Neither for the fish. Sides were both good albeit basic but like.. you put way too much damn stuff on that fish. Salmon is super fatty, and while I love fat it doesn't need olive oil and it sure as HELL doesn't need butter. You chucked so much stuff on either that I can't imagine either of them tasting like salmon anymore, and if you don't like the taste of salmon, WHY MAKE IT?!

    Sides, definitely the former. Cleaner, easier as advertised, I imagine it tastes just as good just different. Might be missing the mushrooms from the second one, but the asparagus was almost the same, and well, the potato puree suffers from a critical flaw: you have to use a blender.

    Know what that means? It means you have to CLEAN A BLENDER. I will go to the damn ends of the earth to avoid using a damn blender. Stick blenders are OK.

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