Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Great

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  1. Why is everyone getting salty in the comments? No one gives a flying fuck about what you do with your vegetables. Some people like theirs seasoned, some people like them plain. Stop gatekeeping and acting like God himself because you eat your tomatoes as is. Jesus fucking Christ!

  2. people out here saying vegetables taste amazing anyway, people's tastes are different and if you like vegetables the way they are then you're lucky

  3. @ all the people in the comments saying “veggies already taste good!1!1!!1!!!1”
    Yeah. They do. To YOU.
    Not everyone likes them, okay? Your experience is not universal.

  4. On roasted eggplants put a burning charcoal and cover it, it will add to the flavor. And then mash it and add onions, tomato and chopped coriander leaves. See it will take to another level. One more thing, rather adding olive oil use mustard oil.. it's fantastic dip then..

  5. What is this? I'd prefer plain vegetables with only a bit of salt over all of these…

    (Btw, if you don't like the taste of vegetables on their own and feel the need to drown them in spices and stuff to tolerate them, get better quality/seasonal produce. Or "train" your sense of taste, it's probably dead from years of processed food with artificial flavors, or never had a chance to develop a liking for vegetables if you never had any…)

  6. For your eggplants add to your steps a little touch of sugar and tahini sauce and Greek yogurt and you will get an Arabian dish called Baba ganoj… it's amazing!
    Oh and some mints or dry mints 😍 try it please

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