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  1. I tried that freezed fried in egg eggplant. 🤮 nasty. Maybe it would be better without freezing it, because it turned out that it did not fry properly and was still raw. Although i slow fried it 🙄

  2. I didn't know there were so many ways to eat eggplant. I live in the Arctic so it's hard to get any suitable cooking materials to make something like those on the video. Me and my wife usually just eat them raw or we make a salad of them with any other vegetables we find.

  3. i srsly hate brinjal "jokes" i am a genuine brinjal lover these guys drives my taste buds crazy and i dONT want my fav vege ever to be apart of your lame dick joke ok. I ultimately can never express to ANyone about how i love brinjal so much without giving them the wrong idea. Thanks millennials u have officially ruined my life

  4. eggplants are one of the reasons to live for me
    once i sauteed some eggplants with garlic and cooked a shitload of thick tomato sause and these things are DA BOMB together and if you toast some bread to dip in sause you will feel like they took you to the heaven alive

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