Enchiladas Verdes Con Pollo As Made By Cuco • Tasty

Watch as Cuco teaches us how to make his family’s delicious enchiladas verdes recipe; made easy with rotisserie chicken and his homemade salsa! Follow …


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  1. What is literally crazy to me is that I watched this video 7 months ago not knowing anything about him and here I am 7 months later obsessed with his music, I am physic 😌💅🏾

  2. Chilaquiles are sooo good!! You can make it simple by just adding tomato sauce once the tortillas and egg are cooked. Instead of boiling all the tomatoes and dry peppers… They're still DELICIOUS….. JS.

  3. Chilaquiles look great but I strain the chili so I don’t get all the blended skins those green enchiladas look amazing im making some today

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