EPIC VEGAN CHEAT DAY (I ate like Stephanie Buttermore for 24 hours)

Hey guys, having recently been inspired by Stephanie Buttermore’s ‘All In’ series, I wanted to have some fun and create my own …


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  1. Well today's video made my sweet tooth happy! Stephanie makes it look a lot easier than it is, but having a day dedicated to enjoying 'junk food' can be good for the soul. What should I eat next (or who should I eat like?!)

  2. Did you ever try a vegan butter from a company, WAY FARE to put on your bagel 🥯 ? It’s really good! The Miyoko’s vegan butter is Good too👍🏻 vegan donuts 🍩 are so good! I can’t remember the last time I had one though😁! I do vegan food VLOGS too! I did a VLOG on pizza 🍕 from SCREAMERS PIZZERIA. The restaurants are in NEW YORK.

  3. You and Chris have stunningly cool tattoos! Please do a video showing off your tattoos, maybe your friends' tattoos, shops/artists you admire, vegan tattoo advice, etc. Cheers! (and speedy recovery to Chris!)🍩😊

  4. Just shows being vegan means you don’t have to miss out. Ive always thought that over the years after seeing so many of your recipes 💕
    This is coming from a non vegan…as my kidney dietician said a vegan diet is too rich in potassium for me, so I have to be very careful xx

  5. I can't do "cheat days". If I want it, I'm gonna eat it. Period. And when I work out I feel even LESS guilty than usual. Idk how people limit themselves, because even HEALTHY food can be indulgent, decadent and satisfying depending on how you make it. So I don't understand the need for "cheat days" lol

  6. i am sooo sad i left toronto monday without trying those bagels from bloomers! i shared all my favourite cheats on my other channel christina anne! would have loved to see you at veg fest!

  7. Salted caramel pretzel ice cream from Virtuous Pie is HEAVENLY! So creamy, salty & sweet with small chunks of chocolate covered salty pretzel pieces. I had it a few days ago 🌱 Definitely recommend that flavour, and the key lime pie ice cream as well!

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