EPIC Vegan Sandwich Recipes that are made in MINUTES! | Easy Sandwich Recipes

What’s your perfect food?! Mine is sandwiches. I can’t really describe it, they’re just so awesome! In today’s video I show you my …


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  1. These look awesome!! I think the tuna-melt would be my favourite of these. But my all time favourite sandwhich is a mini baguette with marinated, slightly crispy tempeh, pickled cucumber and some really hot pepper sambal (the Suriname kind which is made with mme Jeanette peppers, or scottish bonnets). The marinade is, I believe, soysauce, ginger, tamarind paste and sugar or syrup, with a little kick of cayenne. Oh, could you make this?

  2. I would have to say the tuna melt is probably one of my faves I love my vegan Mayo… I have to say I've never had a grilled peanut butter and jelly and I can't wait to try it ❣️

  3. I Saw you recent video on why you decided to be more authentic. Good for you. You were beautiful before but I think you're even more so now. You look healthy and curvy and glowy, and the red hair is gorgeous. I've had a few accounts but I've been watching your show since before you ever got married. Don't let anyone ever tell you who to be. You're amazing and inspiring the way you are 💕

  4. My all time Favorite sandwich was always roast beef and now thanks to Saucestache and whoever he got the recipe from, I can have a Delicious vegan version made with either soy skin or Daikon radish!!!

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