Epic Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

The Super Bowl is back! Who knew?! Not me… but I do have snacks! Easy vegan treats you can prepare on game day!


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  1. I've been wondering if it's possible to veganise a layered cheese such as 5 Counties cheese. It's a British cheese from my childhood that looks like a pride flag.

  2. As far as holiday request go, do you have any St. Patrick’s day like corned beef dupes? Can you make a corned beef seasoned or style seitan? That’s a flavor I miss the most. Thanks!
    P.S. these football snacks look amazing!

  3. Ramadan is in approximately one month. Towards the end of Ramadan is Eid. Can you make vegan dishes for Eid and maybe Ramadan? Find out what Muslim families like to eat together and veganize it.

  4. Hey @Edgy veg, just wanted we say we love your content! Always great fun seeing what new receipes you come up with! Only one thing we cringe a little; the black gloves holding food, there is just something about gloves with foods that makes the mind wonder. I thought it was just me, but my partner said the same thing, I figure there must be other people thinking the same 😅.

  5. Fantastic food recipes Candice and I don't care about the football/sport either but that's not going stop us from eating the vegan food 😋. I would rather watch Candice than the sport because she's more entertaining. Love 🥰 the video and love 💕Candice.

  6. Hey Candice, I'm wondering what brand cheese you use for the spinach dip? Looks like it melts so beautifully yummm 😍

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