Episode 2 Food Podcast, My Favorite Restaurant, Chef, Food News, Food Trends and more

In this episode, I chat about my latest favorite restaurant, my food back story, food news around the globe, food trends, 5 books to …


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  1. Cusato's channel is fantastic. I've watched his subscriber count jump from 10K to 160K in the last 6 months. He's providing great content and building quite the community. Well deserved.

    Any plans to attend the Home Show in March?

  2. Another home run Chef, I particularly agree with your youtuber pick. I’ve been following Steve for quite awhile now, and although I’ve been cooking for over 30 years I still learn some great techniques from his shows as well as yours. 👍

  3. Funny you mention that young people want to learn how to cook nowadays and its pretty true. Im 18 and all my friends and i have an interest in cooking and we cook for each other all the time. I think its because theres a trend of being health conscious and knowing the things you put in your body. Also i would like to request you make asain cuisines?

  4. Thanks for the plug Billy! I'm working on the February challenge now so be ready! I appreciate your authenticity acknowledging to your followers that you're struggling in this area. Our bodies are like cars bro, you gotta do the maintenance! 🙂

  5. Billy, first of all, I am so happy that you are here, I am so happy we now have the possibility of connecting and learning (so much) via internet with so many platforms, but specially here on YT. What you're doing is wonderful and I'm sure that very soon your efforts (on this channel, I know you have a life of experience and hard work!) will pay off. I really like this type of videos. I have got my hands on a book that I was looking for for years, but before making a comment or recommend it to you, I will check at least some more pages, it's about food but also not exactly about food (?) My husband and I visited California last December, just trying to escape part of the European winter, so we never make it as far north as San Francisco when we travel in winter, though I've been to Chicago many years ago, so I'm sure that my vision about American food/cuisine (which I believe is more a 'fusion' of cuisines), is very limited. I visited the East Coast (New York) many times, also ages ago. I really would love to see those places and their food scene, so rich, so diverse. I would respectfully disagree with the other comment saying there is no American cuisine as such, I do not want to intrude in topics that I am not qualified to comment, but I guess if we see it as a mere aspect of Geography (and Anthropology, which is more my field, well, both) I'd say that actually exists (?) and I know this is obviously controvertial, so let's just stop here 🙂 I was very much shocked to find that some items (fruits, vegetables, canned foods, etc) are extremely expensive just as in Europe, at least there in California in some supermarkets that I just went to check because I was so curious. Btw, I wouldnt mind the long version of your journey as a chef 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  6. Love your channel, but the African American comment was just bizarre, given that African Americans are always referencing their African & Caribbean historical influences. Given the pluralistic nature of the American demographic, I venture to say that there is no true "American" cuisine, in contrast to French, Italian, and Chinese cuisines. And even they have historical outside influences if you dig deep enough..

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