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SHOW NOTES: My Favorite Restaurant of the Past Month Snix Snacks – It is a husband-wife duo who own a Puerto Rican food truck and oh my gosh is it …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Aww thanks Billy! I'm so honored to be included in your podcast! Thank you for your kind words about the channel 🙂 This is such an awesome format I love it! I even picked up a few new books too! Ha! What a great idea! Love all your suggestions and tips, and since I never go anywhere anymore you'll be keeping me "in the know!" Ha! BRAVO!!

  2. Really looking forward to learning to garden with you! I’m a sad, pathetic, gardener but it is something I’ve convinced myself to conquer. You are the man! Let’s do this. Thank you.

  3. Nice point about bread-baking popularity. I have found your channel thanks to your bread series. And now I use your poolish recipe every week! 🙂

    And, yeah, if not the quarantine, when I couldn't go to the bakery every day, I would never even try to make bread 🙂

  4. Thx for video..I am now making my own bread..in beginning of lockdown I thought I was doing something on my own until I tried to buy yeast and bread flour..wow..amazing how it all disappeared!! It is good now and I'm still baking and getting better each loaf at a time .. Be safe and enjoy ur day😊

  5. I love watching you u have inspired so much for homecook and gardening
    Keep doing your cook can i ask could please toggle the switch to closed
    Captain in Facebook page Thanks big fan

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