ESSENTIAL VEGAN COOKING TOOLS: Kitchen Appliance Tour | The Edgy Veg

In today’s video, I wanted to share some of my best tips when it comes to buying and using appliances if you are vegan or thinking …


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  1. Is there any reason why you switched to a slow juicer? Do you see a difference in the quality of the ginger shot compared to when you used a fast juicer?

  2. Can you give us some air fryer recipes? I'm thinking about buying one of those and I've heard they're a lot better than deep frying things since it's a lot less oil.

  3. I have a silicone bowl with lid for a popcorn popper. It makes the best popcorn, is inexpensive and takes up a lot less room when storing. πŸ˜‹

  4. I bought a decent blender a couple of years ago and that poor thing has been used and abused every day since πŸ˜‚ Think it was the cheapest from an expensive range which was about 100 quid more than I would normally have dreamt of paying but it has earned its money! Got to sort those cashews out! πŸ˜…

  5. I’ve been on the fence about instant pots. I’d love to see great things to convince me to indulge lol. Also I think a video about homemade ice cream would at least dream about warmer weather

  6. I definitely want a VitaMix, my Nutri-Bullet does the job for now. I have never had or used a food processor…that is next for me. Can I ask if your spiralizer stays connected to your countertop via suction cups underneath? I have purchased one TWICE, paid far more the second time at a swankier kitchen tools store, NEITHER would stay connected or still. Is it possible to find one that stays connected! Is there a trick to it? I notice you didn’t mention a mortar & pestle, or a mandolin, but they aren’t really appliances either. Maybe a video on gadgets?

  7. I WILL MARRY U for more instant pot recipes. I just got mine this xmas (just watched your new video) and i need as many ideas as i can get other than soup hehe

  8. Two things: when I was so anxious I had to give up coffee, it wasn't just caffeine. Going decaf only helped marginally; I had to give up decaf coffee and herbal teas as well. If you find it's only marginally helping you, maybe make a bigger plunge.
    Also, would love an ice cream video! I need more ideas!

  9. I have an addiction to buying appliances, got the vitamix, waffle maker, spiralizer, air fryer, kitchenaid mixer, food processor, juicer, instant pot, rice cooker.. I use them all frequently so to me that wasnt a waste of money buying them.. certainly makes cooking more fun!

  10. The bullet is the only one that makes no sense to me.

    If you have a grinder, a food processor and a vitamix, I see no purpose for the bullet, seems redundant IMO.

  11. I’d love some more instant pot videos!!! Your recipes are always amazing 😍. Maybe some meal prep ideas for the week using the instant pot?

  12. I love your conciseness! I think a big component of being a good content maker is not veering too far from the main topic and you do a great job of explaining just enough. Thanks for what you do!

  13. Vitamix and instant pot are my must haves. That being said I was on a major budget. CRAIGSLIST!!! I got my vitamix for under 100, had it for 3 years and have had no issue. I just got the instant pot for Christmas. 9-1 9 quart I think, only $40 BRAND NEW! I cannot stress buying second hand. I also have a kitchenaid aid stand mixer that I would recommend if you bake a lot.

  14. I just bought my instapot on black Friday.. I still have not attempted to use it yet. ….
    Please…….. More instapot recipes

  15. I would love if you would do a whole video on the instant pot and show how you can use all the different functions when making different recipes.

  16. Will you bail me out if I get caught robbing a bank to afford all these appliances? I am def going to at least get the Instapot because my rice game right now is a real struggle! I usually buy the frozen kind! 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 😝

  17. Yes please… anything Instantpot. I need to free mine from the box its been in for several mths. Great vegan Instantpot ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  18. My stash is nowhere near yours. LOL I have a second-hand food processor that I love. A little Ninja type thing that is ok but definitely need a regular blender (saving for a Vitamix). I have a hand mixer, but I just prefer a wooden spoon and arm strength. I'm weird, I know. I'm old-fashioned, what can I say. LOL I have two or three coffee grinders (1 for coffee beans, 1 for regular spices and 1 for hot spices). I have a mortar and pestle (small) and that is pretty much it. πŸ™‚ Oh, and a slow cooker that I have to get a new plug for. πŸ™‚

  19. I understand these make cooking easier and you can make more advanced vegan food with them, but I hate when people say you need a ton of extra stuff to be vegan. it’s basically saying that people who can’t afford a crap ton of appliances won’t be able to enjoy being vegan

  20. you soak beans for at least 8 hours because it helps to get rid of antinutrients and also to make it more digestable especially for people with flatulation problems. plain and simple. I don't have the a fancy multi cooker and I do just fine in the kitchen, no one NEEDS that, it's just a short curt

  21. I really enjoy watching your videos. Always looking for your new uploads 😍❀️ btw I make videos too 😊

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