Feeding My Family a Gourmet Meal for Under $25

Food is CRAZY expensive and because budgets can get tight, I want to see if I can give a family of 4 a fine dining meal for under …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Relatively new to the channel. Loving the videos but one thing i think would be helpful for us viewers is you often near the end of the video say a phrase like "fundamental cooking techniques" but then listing the 2-3 specific things you thought are key takeaways from the video as far as techniques goes would be a useful review that wouldnt take too long to mention in that phase. Thanks for the good videos

  2. Budget food or no, I just made this for lunch and it's delicious. I didn't have broccolini, but I did have some baby bella mushrooms so I threw those in instead. This is going into the rotation for my family.

  3. I wonder how much more he could have gotten if he had shopped at Walmart. Aldi or even Trader Joes instead of Whole Foods (aka whole paycheck). Secondly he could have made that bread at home. Basic Italian bread is flour, olive oil, water, yeast and salt. He has a stand mixer and I know from other videos he has a dough hook. Could have gotten that wine if you made the bread at home.

  4. Made this tonight. Used Italian chicken sausage and we like a little heat in our pasta added a habanero pepper half in the Sause with the onions & garlic the other half on one side of the garlic bread. $27.

  5. I get that you live in an upscale area of Chicago, but when food prices skyrocket many of us frugal shoppers chose other options to shop at. Case in point, I have an Aldi's and a United Grocers Outlet near me. Between the two of them, they get the bulk of my shopping dollars. We have several upscale grocery stores in our area, but I rarely if ever use them because they are upwards of 25 to 50% higher in cost to start off with. Additionally, many great buys can be had from unlikely sources; Walmart and Big Lots! Yes you read that right. Walmart typically has fresh items that I can not get at Aldi's, but Big Lots! has dry goods galore from snacks, to flours and oils, to four and soup bases. These designer grocery stores make you pay for the privilege of shopping there. I also grow some things myself when I can, and try to support local growers. I imagine there is a farmers market near you Billy. I'd love to see what you can get there to make a dinner with, as a contrast to the Whole Foods Market.

  6. Well, you’re definitely not shopping at Walmart like us poorer folk do, but the prices there are still outrageous, compared to a year or so ago.

  7. These are amazing videos! Been trying to meal prep plus at the same time save some money.. these are so helpful.. please continue making them ☺️

  8. TRy shopping in a different store. Whole Foods is not known for their prices. I shop there for specialty items, otherwise Safeway/Albertsons’ or one of the Kroger Grocery sores.

  9. I regularly watch your channel and this video is exactly what I needed to see. We definitely need more ideas to cook budget minded family meals. Thank you so much for your effort and terrific videos!!!

  10. Better budgeting might have been achieved by shopping at a store other than over-priced Whole Foods! I would have first looked at my local market, even local shops. I'm abit confused here …

  11. I loved this video and would love to see more videos about how to shop on a budget. That's something I have been struggling with lately. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Loved this video! Please make some more like these, with everything so expensive it's nice to get ideas when feeding family. I also liked that you didn't edit out using a whisk when making the butter for the bread, keeps it real!

  13. Love and appreciate this video. We get to shops with Chef Billy. Thank you for helping us to shop on a budget. Pasta looks delicious!
    Hope everyone has an amazing day. 🙂

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