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  1. Ok my mouth is watering! I can 't wait to try these! I adore ginger and pineapple. I never would have thought to add pepperchini
    to it. 😃

  2. Hello Manjula. I have been watching your shows for the last few years. I am Japanese and Indian food is very popular in Japan. I love these English tea sandwiches with a twist. I will definitely make these for my family. I live in the rural USA but I love to cook and serve exotic food to my family. They all love all the food I'd made in the past, except maybe a few, ha ha. Love ya.

  3. What is the green chutney in the Cucumber sandwhich?
    ..and Wow, i jus made the tomato mint, it was SO good. You should have your own show. I love your recipes, you are soooooo cute

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