Five Make-Ahead Holiday Party Snacks • Tasty

Spend the party with your guests rather than in the kitchen with these five make-ahead party snacks! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …


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  1. Hey Tasty, would you tone it down a little on fastforwarding? It’s alright if the video is a few seconds longer but please don’t get us to have a nervous breakdown trying to catch up.

  2. If yall want a recipe where you can use the boiled eggwhites too, make finnish eggbutter, you just mix boiled eggs and butter. We eat it on karelian pies. Also Tasty could you please make videos about different cuisines in europe, we northern Europeans aren’t featured as much online!

  3. I could eat all of them… Okay, that's a lot.. I could eat 1 of each of them. Good stuff Tasty. My channel's not nearly as big as Tasty (they are crushing it), but I still have some great recipes and hacks!

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