Five School Night Dinners That’ll Make The Whole Family Happy • Tasty

Keep the creativity up while school’s in session with these five dinners that everyone will be happy with! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …


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  1. giving my opinion cus i can
    1. no picky eater will eat that, it looks like vomit
    2. you really had me until u added the tomato, i could just peel it off tho
    3. looks pretty good to me, tho i do worry about the peppers getting soggy bc of overcooking
    4. i mean its a slider what more can i say? i wish they wouldve atleast seasoned the meat
    5. My fav

  2. Honestly most of these meals would keep the parents happy not the kids 😛 in my opinion these recipes just keep getting worse but that's just my opinion bo offense to anyone who would eat it we all have different preferences on food

  3. All these recipes look like a nightmare for someone don't like cheese/ cheese-like taste… If my dad make one of these for dinner after school I believe I will throw up

  4. Bruh, why all this hate. At least these are well balanced meals, they look like throw up but wint make you throw up. Legit its food, eat what you get, there are people in this world who don't even get food. Like seriously man, the world is totally messed up now……

  5. am i the only one sees the amount of time these will take and thinks "school night my a$$!" more power to you if you have that kinda time but after a long day at work i sure don't!

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