Forget the Others, THIS is How you Make Gumbo

You will love this delicious authentic Gumbo recipe jam-packed with chicken, andouille sausage, and okra in a tasty homemade …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. The very name of the dish, the cooking technique and the original ingredients indicate that this dish is based on West African gumbo soups. Yet you label it as only a Cajun classic. If I tweak a Pizza recipe to my taste do I become the creator/originator?

  2. As a registered south Louisiana coonass this gets two thumbs up. Things I do different is cut the sausage into coins and leave the skin on so it holds together. And cut up the chicken first and brown it before boiling for stock also don't debone it or put the bones in a cheese cloth bag to cook in the gumbo and make for easy removal. The rendered skin fat and fond is an extra kick of flavor. Once it is all mixed and flavored, boil on med/high heat about 30 minutes then kill the heat completely and add some ice to cool it down. Let it cool and rest for two hours then bring it back up to a simmer and serve. Reheating intensifies the flavors.

  3. Alright, before I watch this I gotta let you know that I'm going into this with a fair bit of apprehension. I'm really hoping that you're not going to put tomatoes in this without letting it be known it the title that you're making a Creole gumbo. And if you're gonna put okra in here, you better not screw it up. Let's see what you got…

  4. The most important part of this dish are the Cajun seasonings. Boiled chicken is not for me. I like seasoned, cubed chicken pieces seared in a little oil. You could also add some shrimp to this dish. I like a heartier soup, my vegetable pieces are larger and not cooked as long so they are not mushy. I am excited to make it again and add the potato salad, great tip, thank you!

  5. I am both cajun and a chef. The process is bass ackward. Roux first, then veg straight in roux, next stock. If i use okra, then i usually smother or fry it first to kill the slime. That must have been a snot slimy gumbo. File is a personal preference. Also, the only time that i have seen creole mustard in potato salad was in creole potato salad from new orleans. Here in acadiana we use frenchs yellow mustard. One last thing, when i make such a gumbo, i debone the chicken raw, make my stock out of bones, and poach the chicken in the gumbo so that the chicken has texture and more flavor…

  6. Jacob's is the best. Every time we go to New Orleans we stock up. We tried the guys next to them one time– nowhere near as good. A close second is Wayne Jacob's.

  7. Born and raised in Louisiana. We always eat our gumbo with rice because potato salad is one of those dishes that everyone makes differently. Personally, sweet pickles have no business near a potato salad. They need to just stay in the jar, on the shelf, where God intended.
    I moved to the Midwest 2 years ago. If you're from Louisiana, the food up here will make you sad. Flour is considered a spice up here.

  8. As I grew up eating that stuff — Looks good! The one thing I would say is that you should cook it low and slow for at least 3 hours after bringing it down from a boil; You wanna get rid of the flour taste. Gumbo is one of those dishes that tastes better the longer you cook it, and even better the next day! It benefits from a long cooking time. You can always add more stock if too much liquid cooks off.

  9. What is jarred roux? Is it something you buy or something you prepare a lot of in advance? Can I buy it on Amazon? That andouille sausage looks similar to smoked ham or kielbasa. But I'm gonna find some. I'm gonna use a roast chicken and use the bones and skin for my stock. File powder might be the toughest, but ammozon probably sells it too. Can almost taste it! With rice.

  10. I live between Beamont/Port Arthur Texas. That's the first time I've seen someone do close to the right color on the roux. I was taught to go to chocolate not penny. Good on you for going dark . Medium grain rice, potato salad, and saltine crackers. The file' goes in the bowl, not the pot. It's a thickener. It can make the gumbo syrupy. Add boiled eggs to the pot early to turn them brown from roux & then don't put egg in the potato salad. My family doesn't mix meats. Chicken or sausage. Only mixing is seafood gumbo & I refuse to use oysters in mine!

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