French Silk Pie Recipe | This may be the BEST DESSERT of all time

French Silk Pie is actually super easy to make, the hardest part is waiting for the chocolate filling to solidify. Yes, it’s hard and it totally stinks waiting! Hopefully …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Discard pie crust!???!
    Put it on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle it with some wonderful cinnamon and sugar.
    Bake it until it is flakey and crispy.
    Very simple and quick, but also very delicious.
    We all waited, with great longing and anticipation, for grandma's left over pie crust cinnamon crisps.
    I think it's a crime to throw out those wonderful ingredients found in that delicious left over pie crust. My grandma would never, never do that.

  2. Chef, since this channel is aimed at novice cooks, I really do think you should have clarified within the ingredients list and on your website that you're using pasteurized eggs. Someone who's just learning to cook or bake would be clueless about this, and I know you don't want anyone to get sick or (Lord forbid!) die. Would you please edit your ingredients list above and your web site? I think this would be the prudent thing to do.

  3. This recipe looks super easy and delicious. How far in advanced can I make this? I ask because I’m making two for Christmas. One for family and one for a Christmas Day scheduled coworker. Thanks much.

  4. the eggs don’t become an issue? i’ve always been told not to eat raw eggs- i’ll definitely try this though. Would this work as a cake filling of sorts? just curios, thanks chef!

  5. Wow, thank you for this recipe!!! I made this recipe last night and it was a HUGE HIT!!! It was creamy, delicious and so chocolatey!!! I subscribed to your channel and I look forward to making more of your delicious recipes!! = )

  6. Hi Chef, I made this for friends this weekend. Hit it out of the park. They loved it, however, I think my husband is in love with it. Love you and your videos. Stay well🇨🇦

  7. I've made this exact recipe but without adding the 1/2c whipped cream — it still turned out great. Will need to add the whipped cream next time. As for the raw eggs, I've made this pie over the past 30 years and not a single person got sick from salmonella!

  8. @Chef Billy Parisi This recipe looks absolutely delicious! I’m planning on making it for Thanksgiving. One question—Is it possible to make the pie crust using a pastry blender / cutter rather than a food processor?

  9. Hey no offense if this was originally your style but this video reminds me Alot of binging with babish because of the camera angles and no too many colors, dull but cool blues and greys. It's a compliment and I like the video.

  10. I tried the pie chef and it was absolutely amazing. Thanks for another great recipe. However I was wondering, if I could get your opinion and maybe a recipe for a soup. Since I know you commented in a previous video that you love soup during cold weather, I was wondering if you could help me out. I need a recipe for ham and beans soup. I did a ham for Christmas and saved that hambone. I want to do my grandmother's ham and bean recipe but she has passed on. No one in the family can locate the recipe. It's very cold and snowy and wintery here in Montana so I thought this would be a great crock pot soup. Do you have a recipe? Could you do a video?

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