Fried Egg but Vegan? Can I Make it taste realistic 👀



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  1. For tasty scrambled take onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, a little bit of turmeric and using a fork, fold into a block of drained sliky tofu and 4 tbsp aquafaba and then kind of just scramble that around with some vegan cheese. Or make huevos rancheros – black beans cilantro salsa vegan cheese in corn tortilla.

  2. I get backyard eggs from a friend alao goats milk and cheese and these are happy healthy loved animals. I have a prob with the horror and brutality and senseless cruelty of factory farming not eating animals or their gifts. They do slaughter pigs tho and 😿 🐷
    Pigs are so sentient also tasty. I do eat the “humanely” slaughtered stuff too, bc they really do have great lives, pretty sure they would prefer to be romping and snoutin around then being bacon but oh well. Anyway that’s why I eat plant based. I really believe future generations will look back in shock just belief at the horror in which we raise animals for food now it’s so unnecessary. I do like steak tho.

  3. Why would you go through all this trouble just to fake a fried egg, you could make anything that’s a thousand times better without having to lean on a gimmick

  4. That hair color so beautiful ❤

    Have you ever thought of collaborating with Young, Black, and Vegan? I would really love to see the two of you to shine in an Inter with one another.

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