Fried Street Food In Kenya • Tasty

Kiano shows us how she makes her favorite fried Kenyan street foods! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …


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  1. my parents immigrated from kenya to the us and we don’t eat as much as these very often. you see them at huge gatherings but the one we make most is mandazi, and my moms recipe is actually known as the best in our area and everyone wants it lol

  2. She is taking mombasa stuff and ruin it tomato chachini stop messing up stuff just call a mombasa person to make the food I mean mswahili wa pwani from old town fort Jesus not from baraa nairobi

  3. I am an Indian living in EU, I have lots of African friends. Kenyans are the foremost in adapting and embracing Indian food into their own. Almost all the Kenyans are friendly, humble, sociable and respectable people. I love their Nyama choma, kachumbari, mandasi, chapati, ugali, tea, their Swahili language and so on. love you Kenya

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