Fruit Salad 4 Ways

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  1. In indonesia, we add sweetened condensed milk, mayonaise, and cheddar cheese to our fruit salad. And some people still think it's healthy ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  2. I've seen this comment alot so let me explain, (why put syrup/honey on fruit?) Well it all depends on each person and how sweet they like things, kinda like tea or coffee (some like it bitter but others like it sweet) and things like cinnamon buns or cake with frosting can be (too sweet) for some people as well, in my experince I use honey on my fruit because I typically don't like the taste of fruits but fruits are important part of a diet because of vitamins and such so I add something I like (in this case honey) to add some flavor that I do like and it makes it easier to eat and because I have a really sweet tooth the sweetness is a plus and or doesn't effect me like it would some people.

    It can also even out any other flavoring that tends to be sour like lime or lemon

  3. im gonna make a Fruit salat right now with Grapes, Apple, watermelon, Peach, banana and strawberrys😍 But for the extra taste… VANILLA sauce! Yum its SO delicious on fruit salads

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