Garam Masala Mix (Indian Spice Blend) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Interesting – I've looked at 3 garam masala recipes on youtube – there are just 5 ingredients they all have in common: cumin, black cardamoms, cloves, cinnamom and black peppercorns. And the proportions of just these varied quite a bit.

    I think maybe different parts of India have their own mixtures

  2. I chop all my stuff in Tupperware blenders, especially the new ones out. I live in Canada and bought one just for this purpose. I love Indian food, so thank you for posting this recipe too. Oh yes I keep my spices in liquid tight air tight tupperware containers too.

  3. I love you !!! From South America recive my gratitude.- You remember my grandmother, you are younger than she, but sweet as she was.- Than you for youre generosity in every video. Sorry my english.-

  4. Namaste Manjulas and Mukta: Ginger Garlic paste!!! I want to know how is this please.

    My mother is going to be very happy, she is a ginger and garlic fan!!

    Thanks a lost.

  5. Thanks for the recipe I so want to try it. What can I use to substitute for the black pepper as my stomach is very sensitive to peppercorn. Thanks 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot Aunty for the prompt reply. Can we use it to make Dosa/Idli batter too? Have you ever tried Indian Mixers you were happy with? If so which brand?

  7. Namaste Aunty!
    I would like to know which Blender (Brand & Model) you use for making this Garam Masala and in your Cilantro Chutney recipe. Will I be able to make Ginger-Garlic paste in it too? Is it better if I buy an Indian Mixer online suited for USA? E-Bay sells Preethi Mixers and Jaipan Mixers? Are they good?
    I cannot make anything in my current blender without adding lots of water in it which makes the chutneys very runny. I would really appreciate a lot if you can guide me on this.Thanks.

  8. Thank you Manjula…………. I love watching and learning from your videos (even my youngest, 11 year old son, loves to watch your videos with me).

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