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  1. This is not a chocolate mousse, for that you need to add whipped egg whites and let it chill overnight for the right mousse consistency. This more just a chocolate flavored whipped cream.

  2. Made this just missed out on the choc moose my manzy was my choc dessert 😂 but it was so fucking good tasted like Italian sex in your mouth 😁 was perfect👌 for me and my man thanks for this video i suggest yous make it.

  3. I'm going to lay out a fancy tablecloth, put a rose and candle there, sprinkle around some rose petals, lay my best silverware and dishes, make this luxurious meal,
    and eat it alone.

    Then probably cry a bit.

  4. had to make it was so yummy i kind of used garlic bread instead of making it from scratch but everything else was done to perfection my partner enjoyed it so did i love the recipe both thumbs up for it swing it a 10 😀

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